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Becoming an Egg Donor

See if Egg Donation is Right for You

Becoming an egg donor has many steps! Once your application is approved, you will go through multiple screenings. Keep on reading to learn more about the journey. 

The Process

Each month your ovaries recruit about 20-40 follicles (fluid-filled sacs that contain immature eggs).  The body then releases hormones that stimulate 1 (or more) follicles to grow & release a mature egg; this is called ovulation.

The medications given to our donors are synthetic versions of these same hormones.  These medications supplement the body's own natural hormones stimulating all or most of your follicles to grow a mature egg.

*We are only stimulating (maturing) the eggs for that month's cycle, you are NOT losing any additional eggs.

The Six Steps

1. Register


2. Apply





5. Egg Retrieval 


6. Compensation



The Screening Process

Genetic Consult

First, you will have a phone call interview with our Genetic Counselor.  This consult will dig deep into your family's medical history, so it is extremely important to obtain as much information as possible regarding your family prior to this appointment.

Genetic Testing

Second, you will have blood & urine specimens collected for screening labs & genetic testing.  You will have a transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate your ovaries. Our Donor Nurse will consult with you regarding our program & answer any questions you might have.

Infectious Disease Testing

Third, our Providers will complete a full physical exam.  You will have blood & urine specimens collected to test for infectious diseases (STD screening), as well as, a second transvaginal ultrasound.

Psychological Exam

Fourth, you will have a psychological evaluation with a CRM authorized mental health counselor.  If you are married or in a committed relationship, attendance is required by both parties.  This appointment will last approximately 1-2 hours & is your final step in the screening process!

Start the five minute questionnaire today to see if you qualify! 

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